Last updated • December 11, 2020

Privacy Policy


Diesel Labs, Inc. (Diesel Labs) owns and operates the website (the Site). The Site, together with all of the data (Diesel Labs Data), functionalities, materials, documents, text, images, graphics, animation, videos and other information and content (collectively, Content) and any and all services provided at the Site, are collectively referred to as the Service.

The following policy explains how Diesel Labs collects, uses and disseminates information obtained from or about you as a user of the Service. Capitalized terms used herein without definition will have the same meanings as defined in the Terms of Service that are applicable to the Service, which are available at

Information Collected

When you visit the Site or otherwise access the Service, web servers collect general information about your visit (such as, for example, traffic data like time, date and the address of the website from which you entered the Site), which is stored as anonymous, aggregate data. Diesel Labs also collects more specific information about your use of the Service (such as, for example, demographic data, frequency and duration of use). Collecting such data (collectively, Traffic Data) may entail the use of software programs (such as Google Analytics), cookies, IP addresses or other numeric codes used to identify a computer.

  • COVID-19 concerns impacted specific content areas more than others (e.g., airlines), but the compounded effect of social injustice issues led to fewer engagements across the board.
  • Audiences are waiting for their preferred content to return. By treating the return of content as an event worth celebrating, you can build anticipation for new releases and then generate a burst of fresh engagement when the content is released.
  • Broadcast engagement has been the most consistent category, while cable and streaming engagement tend to follow content availability.
  • Streaming engagers also interact regularly with linear content, as these programs are often available via streaming platforms. Engagement with streaming has declined in the absence of fresh, tentpole content.