Senior Full Stack Engineer

Job Description

We’re looking for a Senior Full Stack Engineer to join our team!

About Diesel Labs:

Diesel Labs is a pioneer of Content Analytics, deriving insights from every atom of content in support of the development, distribution, and promotion of media. With more content being produced than ever before, the challenge of managing vast, fast-moving content portfolios has emerged. We’ve developed a sophisticated analytics engine that tackles the toughest questions – from what to produce to where to distribute and market it. Here at Diesel Labs, we help our clients devise winning content strategies to attract and engage audiences.

Diesel is made up of several senior members of Bluefin Labs, a social TV analytics company acquired by Twitter in 2013. Diesel was awarded an innovation grant from the National Science Foundation in 2016 and recently raised a seed round of fundraising. This is a great opportunity to join an experienced team entering a hot market at an early stage of the company.


  • Own substantial portions of the Diesel platform such as the web application, API server and data pipeline. This will include planning, development, deployment and operational support
  • Architect applications leveraging virtualization, elastic computing, dynamic configuration and logging
  • Participate in the design, development, unit test and implementation of distributed applications and microservices
  • Communicate estimates, designs and work plans to Diesel team and work collaboratively to come up with the best solution for the given constraints
  • Maintain good software engineering practices such as unit testing, performing code review and participating in knowledge and responsibility sharing sessions
  • Build and maintain solutions conformant to enterprise standards, architecture, and technologies
  • Server and client side development


  • 5+ years working as a software engineer / developer
  • Experience and knowledge integrating components/systems built with Scala; experience with Finagle/Akka/Play/Finch a plus
  • Experience with non-JVM based modern languages such as NodeJS; experience with React a plus
  • Strong focus on automation & CI/CD and experience in building DevOps pipelines for build; experience with deployment of applications using AWS Cloud Formation/Ansible/Terraform on AWS a plus
  • Experience working with RDBMS and NoSQL systems
  • Experience creating benchmark tests, designing for scalability and performance, and designing/integrating large-scale systems
  • Design experience in the development of interface contracts between applications, services, external vendors, and workflow processes
  • Understand various interface structures and message formats such as RPC (thrift, gRPC), JSON, XML, WSDL, XSDs

The Diesel Engineering Team Environment:

  • Opportunity to be among the first engineers at an early stage startup
  • Scala server side and Javascript (react) frontend. Open to the best technology for the problem.
  • Deploy to AWS using Docker containers and Cloud Formation
  • Data and machine learning pipeline is built on Spark
  • All remote team, company headquartered in Boston
  • Looking to build a culture of autonomy where engineers are encouraged to own problems end to end, develop specializations and share ownership

Please email for more information or to apply.